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Kaliah Harper

K.Angel is based upon Officer Kaliah Harper of the Richmond Police Department. 

Kaliah is now an angel but this is information about her and her work as a Richmond Police Officer:

She was regarded as a "shining star with a huge heart, a flair for helping others and a talent for accomplishing everything she set out to do." 

At age 4, she played piano during her nursery school graduation in Richmond. 

In elementary school, she charmed teachers who thought she was too gregarious and became an aide in the classroom. 

She later excelled in junior high through high school, continued her education at California State University, Sacramento and finished at the top of her class at the police academy in Napa. 

Harper had always wanted to be a police officer, her mother, Beverly Moore said, because she loved Richmond and the community.
"She wanted to change the world, and what better way to do that than through law enforcement?" she said. 

Detective Mauricio Canelo attended the academy with Harper. He described her as a "driven competitor and an exceptional friend, she was always the kind of person you could trust. She was always there for me, and I was there for her," Canelo recalled. "She was always trying to find the good in people, give them a second chance, even if we knew they were bad... she was a great officer and a great friend. She's going to be missed by all of the officers in Richmond. It's going to be hard." 

Harper joined the Richmond Police Department in 2002 and quickly racked up commendations. She was recognized not only for exemplary police work but for community efforts - such as organizing a spur-of-the-moment Cinco de Mayo celebration in 2005. She was also chosen for an elite departmental team specializing in narcotics enforcement. 

She was promoted to the Richmond police narcotics task force while still a probationary hire. She made 350 arrests and received 12 letters of commendation praising her work.

Since Kaliah’s passing, there have been dedications to her legacy throughout the city of Richmond. There has been a tree planted in her honor at the Richmond Marina, as well as a wing dedicated to her at the Family Justice Center. There has also been a non-profit organization created in her honor called Kaliah's Heart.

Now, Kaliah will forever be remembered for a big heart and helping hand through the K.Angel children's book series. 

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